Singer @MsLeaSalonga issues a challenge to all Filipino partisans to find “common ground”!

Nothing like the international star power of singer Lea Salonga can throw a spanner into the petty bickering that characterises the Philippines’ so-called political discourse. This she did in response to a Facebook post by prominent talent manager Ogie Diaz where he slammed Yellowtard social media personality Jesus Falcis for slandering actor Aga Muhlach for statements he made seen to be critical of “senator” Antonio Trillanes

To Diaz’s post addressed to Falcis, Salonga posted the following comments…

Nicely said. Ika nga, “I may not like what you said, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” I’m only paraphrasing here, but that’s the thought. This is supposed to be a democracy, and everyone has their right to an opinion. As citizens of this republic, we have the right to criticize our leaders. A right, AND a duty.

Salonga followed up with an important call to action to the broader community of Filipinos who, lest we forget, are all stakeholders in the fortunes of the Philippine nation…

To add: the frustrating point for many citizens is not so much the criticisms, but the lack of either side reaching out to the other to reach common ground. Be you red, yellow or blue, we need to serve the country first. We are a country of 100M people, each with an opinion and a unique point of view, hoping for our public servants to start working for us. (To be fair, there are politicians who put their constituents first. May their kind thrive.)

Earlier, Muhlach, prompted by TV host Vice Ganda on the ABS-CBN programme It’s Showtime, made remarks critical of Trillanes that irked Yellowtard Netizens.

Typical of the attacks against Muhlach, now Salonga, and, for that matter, any opinion-shaper who dares deviate from the Yellowtard playbook is this gem from Netizen Miyako Izabel issued via Twitter

Oh, @MsLeaSalonga, since you defended Muhlach, can you explain what he meant by “Help Duterte”? Did he want Trillanes to help the Chinese smuggle drugs, the cops to kill Filipinos, and Calida and the rest of the gang to steal public funds? See, “Help Duterte” is not always good.

…as is typical of the Yellowtard mind, missing the point by lightyears.

The trouble with Yellowtards is they apply substandard thinking that is framed by the script ingrained in their psyches from spending most of time in their comfy echo chambers. It would help their “cause” if they, as Salonga suggests, reach out to the other to find common ground.

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