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Think AGAIN before supporting Antonio Trillanes over the weekend!

Yellowtard leaders such as Senator Kiko Pangilinan are now calling for that all-too-familiar Yellowtard “action” once again. In a tweet issued today, Pangilinan called on “everyone who values democracy to come to the Senate and show their support for Sen. Sonny. Our presence there will hopefully make those effecting the illegal arrest think twice.”

Only in the Philippines has it become a tradition for the most privileged and most powerful people to hide behind crowds of ordinary Filipinos. This is a tradition that mirrors the utter lameness that Philippine politics had descended to. It started in that 1986 “revolution” and has become a bad habit ever since.

Even in the way Trillanes mounted his ill-thought-out coup d’etat in the early- to mid-2000s, we could see this foolish reliance on crowds of ignoramous sheep massing at the beck-and-call of their so-called “thought leaders”. Clearly, Trillanes had no plans to win his rebellion by force. This was evident in the size of the force he mobilised for his moronic cause back then. His plan was to hole himself up in a high-profile civilian facility and wait for masses of civilians to surround and protect him a-la 1986. Lameness personified, indeed.

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This is what he and his circle of Yellowtards are calling on Filipinos to do again, never mind that this call was an utter failure the last time. It seems, the only tradition the Yellowtards seem to be upholding today is a failure to learn.

Filipinos should think twice about joining a cause — the Yellowtard “cause” — that is all but obsolete.

There is no “Laban” to be had.

There is only a nation to build.

The Yellowtards are clearly on the wrong side of history.

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