Leni Robredo is hindering efforts to ERADICATE the Philippines’ jeepney CANCER

Virtue signalling has long been the bane of any effort to implement initiatives that help the Philippines progress and prosper. Specially true nowadays is how that and its evil twin, emotional blackmail, conspire to slow or, worse, reverse the country’s march to progress. Nowhere is the battle between wokedom’s lame emotionalism and the sort of […]

Virtue signaller @Deeeeeeeeeeysi blames Duterte for troubles of man she boasted about helping

If you don’t know what virtue signalling means, the below thread is a classic example. Pinapakita na isa syang mabait at maawain. The lady who tweeted this now has her account locked so the rest of the thread can’t be read. But it basically narrates how she went out of her way to help the […]

Speaking Tagalog UNNECESSARILY is the WORST form of virtue signalling

Notice how, during election season, many politicians are speaking in Tagalog. Right there is a form of epal not too many “activists” shriek about. Many of them, specially those who are second- or third- generation politicians grew up in English-speaking households and environments and went to schools known for the impeccable English-speaking prowess of their […]