Poverty is NOT a thing of beauty

Everything poverty touches becomes ugly. That’s a no-brainer. It’s the reason why squatters are an eyesore, the homeless stink, and malnutrition ravages one’s looks. For society to be pure in beauty, poverty must be eradicated.

Thus there is no merit in putting the poor on a pedestal. It may be virtuous to give to the poor, but, ultimately nobody owes the poor anything. Every human owes it to herself to reduce the chance of living an impoverished life. The most common ways of mitigating the risk of becoming poor is by getting a good education, saving and investing money, and living within one’s means. The poor are a product of a failure to implement one or more of those simple measures.

Filipinos need to get over the notion that the poor are “blessed”. The poor are just simply what they are — impoverished people. They are what they are. Any attempt to turn them into an idea that makes them anything other than what they are is likely no more than a quaint but senseless guilt trip.

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