Regine Velasquez’s half-assed “apology” does not address the error of the DISINFORMATION she delivered to her fans

First off, the the latest tweet issued by “Asia’s Songbird” Regine Velasquez is yet another one that seems inconsistent with her usual style.

The tweet was written in straight english using almost perfect grammar and articulated in a coherent sentence structure! Someone seems to have taken over the Queen of Philippine Song’s social media operations where relatively complex issues are the topic.

But the more important issue that Velasquez conveniently sidesteps is the matter of the false information she delivered to her legions of followers and fans…

1) Implying Locsin is not very smart. (Guess again.)

2) Claiming that Scarborough shoal is part of Philippine territory. (It isn’t. Ownership is still being disputed. China doesn’t own it either.)

3) Insisting that she is a “simple” person. (She isnt. She is a celebrity.)

It would be better if she apologised for the more important error, one that foremost “thought leaders” keep harping about of late — that of disinformation.

Has someone or someTHING taken over the Twitter account of Regine Velasquez (@reginevalcasid)??

Of late, following a tweet in response to Secretary Teddy Location that went viral, a strange deviation in the quality of the tweets of Filipino singer Regine Velasquez.

Note as follows…

First this

TRESPASS, ENCROACH, INFRINGE, INVADE mean to make inroads upon the property, territory, or rights of another. TRESPASS implies an unwarranted or unlawful intrusion. hunters trespassing on farmland ENCROACH suggests gradual or stealthy entrance upon another’s territory

Then this

or usurpation of another’s rights or possessions. the encroaching settlers displacing the native peoples INFRINGE implies an encroachment clearly violating a right or prerogative. infringing a copyright

And then this

INVADE implies a hostile and injurious entry into the territory or sphere of another. accused of invading their privacy

Hmmmm… “usurpation”, “infringement”, and “encroaching” among other big English words the sorts of which don’t normally form part of the vocabulary of “Asia’s Songbird” have suddenly started appearing on her timeline. Note too the complex and well-constructed sentence structure of the tweets, all in straight English.

Indeed, one wonders who or what is really behind the Twitter handle of Regine Velasquez — one that commands the attention of no less than 2.6 million followers.

The mystery persists.

FALSE INFO tweet of Regine Velasquez (@reginevalcasid) celebrated by Yellow Opposition just because they agree with it

Filipino singer Regine Velasquez recently made waves after responding to a tweet by Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teddy Location essentially chiming in on a topic she clearly is not qualified to discuss.

I don’t mind celebrities voicing their opinion about politics and other issues outside of their skill set. What I do mind is their opinion being given more weight just because they are celebrities.

The above statement tweeted by “Asia’s Songbird” got away with baldly false assertions that include…

1) Implying Locsin is not very smart. (Guess again.)

2) Claiming that Scarborough shoal is part of Philippine territory. (It isn’t. Ownership is still being disputed. China doesn’t own it either.)

3) Insisting that she is a “simple” person. (She isnt. She is a celebrity.)

Perhaps, referring to that last point, she meant simpleton.

Just the same, three counts of false information in a single tweet. And yet Regine Velasquez — because she is a celebrity and because she literally parrots the Yellow narrative — is given a pass with fanfare.

The Yellow Opposition routinely apply a double standard when they call out — or cheer on — celebrities who issue poltical statements. If it is favourable to their narrative, they are “heroes”. If, on the other hand, they make statements disagreeable to the Yellow “cause” they are demonised as shills who have “no right” to be engaging in political partisanism.

Selective. Yellow. True colours shine through no matter the disguise.

Teddy Locsin Jr FAILED at both defending Kris Aquino and addressing the DFA passport data leak issue

Not surprising the awarding of the contract for printing passports to a private company was just another one of those midnight deals during Noynoy Aquino’s term just before he stepped down from office. This is similar to the rushed mass vaccination using the untested Dengvaxia vaccine.

What’s also not surprising is the deafening silence of the rabid yellow supporters who were initially outraged when people were made to believe by Locsin that the contractor “made off” with the data. They are turning a blind eye to shady awarding of contracts involving millions of pesos.

This is probably why Locsin misreported that data from passport processing was “stolen” by the private contractor. He is focusing on defending Kris Aquino instead of focusing on his job in the Dept of Foreign Affairs. His defence is also lame. He simply dismisses threats. Because of his messed up priorities he failed at both.

Passport printing contract awarded by Aquino govt in 2015 amidst seemingly CROOKED circumstances!

A report published on the Manila Times in 2015 described the possible circumstances surrounding awarding of what turned out to be a disastrous contract to print Philippine passports. Interestingly enough, the issue was brought to the fore by a Yellowtard politician…

Akbayan party-list Rep. Ibarra Gutierrez was referring to the awarding by the DFA of the contract to the APO Production Unit Inc., a government-controlled corporation under the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO).

Gutierrez said he is puzzled as to why the DFA awarded the printing contract to APO considering that Philippine passports have long been produced ed at the security printing plant of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in Quezon City which is technically equipped to handle the printing of bank notes, documents and forms that need security features.

The fiasco has exposed millions of Filipino passport holders to potential breaches to their privacy.

Nonetheless, DFA Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr assures everyone that all is ok as, like most things, data has a use-by date after which quality degenerates…

As time passes the shit dries up so you can examine it with a stick without any of it sticking to the stick. No leak so far. But the data is possibly hopelessly corrupted and at any rate inaccessible now or we are being lied to as usual.

There you go. We can all rest assured of this.

Yellow allies jump on DFA data leak issue not knowing it originated during presidency of Noynoy Aquino

Risa Hontiveros proved again she is not very smart. She was quick to assume the data leak in the DFA was the fault of Duterte without finding out the details first. But it’s good at least we know she is angry at the culprit and should stay angry after finding out it was Noynoy.

Both Hontiveros and vice president Leni Robredo want an investigation into the data leak at the DFA pronto! They should maintain that same level of zeal even after the result of the investigation prove it was the Noynoy govt that was accountable for the criminal negligence that compromised privacy.

Nonetheless, I find DFA Secretary TeddyBoy Locsin’s use of the “F” word unnecessary and unbecoming of a diplomat. It seems he is trying so hard to be cool. He’s also inconsistent. He gets angry and defensive when Cory and Kris are being criticised, but he is also critical of Noynoy. All Aquinos are the same — incompetent and vindictive.

Dept of Foreign Affairs data theft: How exactly does one “make off” with data?

According to Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr, the previous contractor reportedly “made off” with DFA data leaving the department the onerous task of “rebuilding” the data base. One can interpret “made off” with having physically taking the data away from DFA premises much the same way that a burglar will have made off with a TV.

But this is data we are talking about. To “make off” with data leaving the DFA empty-handed could mean one of two things:

(1) the perpetrator copied the data then deleted the source of said copy; or,

(2) the DFA, to begin with, did not keep a copy of the data as the perpetrator worked on it.

Which one is it?

Either way, both involve responsibilities for data security that fall squarely within the remit of the DFA to assure whilst a contractor worked on its systems.

Rabid IRRATIONAL loyalty of @TeddyBoyLocsin to Kris Aquino on exhibit! #PABoost

It seems Teddy Boy Locsin’s loyalty to the Aquinos is making him irrational. Not all critics of Kris Aquino are “envious” as he asserts in a misguided and dishonestly-reported tweet. They are just pointing out the error of her ways particularly when it affects other people negatively. Kris has not set a good example to the youth even when she was young.

What’s there to be envious about? Her money cannot even buy her real friends. Her “looks” cannot even attract a good partner in life. What type of work does she do? Just product endorsements and acting here and there. How did she get her job? Old fashioned nepotism! No thanks.

The reason why Kris is in trouble now is because she is tactless and careless. She should have filed the proper case and waited for the judgement before speaking out against her ex-business manager. But she wanted to get public sympathy. Unfortunately, it backfired.

DISHONEST journalism: @Inquirerdotnet repackages @TeddyboyLocsin tweet on Kris Aquino #PABoost scandal into “news”

Trust the Inquirer to issue a dishonest and downright lazy “report” on the recently-raging issue of revelations surrounding Kris Aquino’s financial ties with Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio and possibly other Netizens.

They classify their latest report under “Entertainment” and use the dishonest headline Kris Aquino’s critics just envious, says Locsin, which, evidently is meant to pass off a quote from a tweet issued by Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr as “news”.

MANILA, Philippines — Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Tuesday slammed critics attacking Actress Kris Aquino, saying: “People against Kris are just fucking envious of her wealth, her looks, her work ethic -She never stops working, her success and her pedigree. Period.”

Note too that the Inquirer editors seem to have allowed an article containing offensive words to pass approval for publication.

My virgin eyes! 😮

Indeed, “journalistic” standards are going down the tubes even within the Philippines’ premiere broadsheet and online news portal.

It’s no wonder Big Corporate Mainstream News Media are in the midst of a huge crisis of relevance and credibility. They no longer report the news objectively. They report the news selectively!

Jollibee is world-class because it did what other great brands did well – get into people’s heads

Jollibee gives Filipinos that familiar warm fuzzy feeling. One bite into a Jollibee burger sends us back in time and, for many, half way around the world back to a place of familiar sights, sounds, and smells.

Make no mistake, however. The Jollibee franchise is a successful multinational enterprise. It didn’t get there by accident.

Philippine Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr goes as far as calling Jollibee an ‘ambassador of goodwill’.
(Source: Twitter)

The brilliant manner with which it gets into Filipinos’ heads and hearts owes itself to brilliant marketing and brand management. The low cost with which it delivers its products and its memorable customer experiences is enabled by investments in the latest supply chain management methods and technologies and, more importantly, shrewd management of its “human resources”.