Regine Velasquez’s half-assed “apology” does not address the error of the DISINFORMATION she delivered to her fans


First off, the the latest tweet issued by “Asia’s Songbird” Regine Velasquez is yet another one that seems inconsistent with her usual style.

The tweet was written in straight english using almost perfect grammar and articulated in a coherent sentence structure! Someone seems to have taken over the Queen of Philippine Song’s social media operations where relatively complex issues are the topic.

But the more important issue that Velasquez conveniently sidesteps is the matter of the false information she delivered to her legions of followers and fans…

1) Implying Locsin is not very smart. (Guess again.)

2) Claiming that Scarborough shoal is part of Philippine territory. (It isn’t. Ownership is still being disputed. China doesn’t own it either.)

3) Insisting that she is a “simple” person. (She isnt. She is a celebrity.)

It would be better if she apologised for the more important error, one that foremost “thought leaders” keep harping about of late — that of disinformation.

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