Vice Ganda explains to Tito Sotto what makes a “real” woman and FAILS!

Filipino comedian Vice Ganda misses the point by a mile when he weighed in on the debate around what makes a real woman.

The “It’s Showtime” host said he believes that a woman is not defined by her ability to reproduce, contradicting the statement of Sotto.

Addressing the senate president, Vice Ganda said: “Parang ang baba naman po pala ng tingin nyo sa mga BABAE. Naniniwala po ako na ang mga BABAE ay BABAE di dahil sa obaryo at sa kakayahang bumukaka at umire.

Here’s a reality check, Mr Ganda. Both genders — men and women — are defined by their reproductive roles. In fact, the whole point of sexuality is the production of offspring that contributes to the strengthening and diversity of a species’ gene pool.

Sexual reproduction ensures that there is a constant exchange and dilution of DNA and introduces competition in the propagation of its copies. The costly stuff we do to get someone in bed ensures that the most fit candidate gets to fuck. Today, we are all offspring of ancestors who successfully got some. They all went through the motions of jumping hoops to get someone in the sack with them. And this is why we — and all animals and plants that roam and take root in the earth today — continue to sustain our populations. The diversity of the gene pool makes us resilient to disease and the competition sexual reproduction demands ensures the fittest get to reproduce.

As a final point, you really shouldn’t be mansplaining womanhood to real women, Mr Ganda. It just make you come across as, well, a typical male.

Transgender “women” wouldn’t have a clue about what real women go through

As a woman, I don’t get how some men can say they “identify as a woman” because there is so much about being a woman that I myself don’t even understand. Like why do some of us go for “bad boys”? And they haven’t even tried having periods every month! Being a woman can be complicated.

There is so much about being a woman that goes far beyond looking like a woman. A woman has to be everything – be Madonna-like and be “fun” at the same time. Sometimes it’s hard to be “fun” because you could attract the wrong type of man. Just wearing a mini skirt can get you in a lot of trouble.

Men who identify as a woman do not know half of what real women go through. It’s not easy for women to voice their opinion because most societies still think women should be seen, not heard. We have to dress “appropriately” before we can be taken seriously.

Just because you think you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you are a woman. Real women have to deal with the hormones that drive us to behave like a woman. If you have to take drugs just to mimic what we naturally go through, then you are not a real woman. You merely want to be one.

Natural women don’t need to put up with transgenders using their public toilets

Natural born women can’t help being women. But transgender women are men who chose to become a woman. As such, there is a consequence to that choice that they need to live with.

That’s not how Bataan Rep. Geraldine Roman reportedly sees it, unfortunately…

“If you have a problem, magtiis ka!,” declared Roman when asked in a press conference on how she sees women who feel offended and are not comfortable in sharing female comfort rooms with transgenders. (If you have a problem just live with it).

It’s bizarre the way Roman turns a basic tenet of decency on its head. Why would women have to put up with the consequences of someone else’s personal choice?

This goes against the original argument fielded by gay activists sometime back — that gay people can’t help being gay and, therefore, need to be respected as such. Well now, somebody didn’t get the memo, it seems. Again, the fact is natural women can’t help being natural women. Thus they too have a right to their space.

What’s so wrong with cat-calling?

Both men and women do it. The question is, who really gets offended? Perhaps many of the older “activists” who champion the cause of legislating against cat-calling are doing so on behalf of those who get cat-called a lot. Maybe it’s time the question of whether this practice is offensive or not should be directed to those who cop it the most — attractive women.

I asked a few and the common theme that emerged is that advances such as cat-calling are ok as long as the one making them backs off as soon as they receive signals that these are unwanted. Most agreed that when cat-calls are issued by an attractive person, it is often flattering. In fact, many admit that the worst thing about getting older is becoming progressively invisible to the opposite sex.

Perhaps then it is possible that those who are so hung up about cat-calling are those who don’t get much of it. That’s certainly an interesting thesis to explore.

Jim Paredes “apology” hard to swallow because of his history of hypocrisy

A lot of members of the Opposition seem to be getting caught in scandals. First Leila De Lima, then Leni Robredo and, now, Jim Paredes. The problem with them is they try to project a pious image and condemn others like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who are just being real. Now they use the excuse that it is just “natural”.

Well, for Jim’s sake, I’m glad he admitted to it. While it is true what he said that sex and expressing sexuality is natural, people like Jim condemn others like Duterte for being open about sex, but are actually hiding their own need to express it. This is why the public likes the president.

Thing is, Jim said he has no idea how the video leaked and blames it on people who want to destroy his reputation. He should blame the person on the other end who recorded and shared it with the public.

I’m not judging Jim Paredes based on his recent actions caught on video; I’m judging him based on his previous actions maligning and condemning people like Duterte and Mocha Uson just for being open about sex and uninhibited behaviour in public. His hypocrisy has been exposed.