Jim Paredes “apology” hard to swallow because of his history of hypocrisy

A lot of members of the Opposition seem to be getting caught in scandals. First Leila De Lima, then Leni Robredo and, now, Jim Paredes. The problem with them is they try to project a pious image and condemn others like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who are just being real. Now they use the excuse that it is just “natural”.

Well, for Jim’s sake, I’m glad he admitted to it. While it is true what he said that sex and expressing sexuality is natural, people like Jim condemn others like Duterte for being open about sex, but are actually hiding their own need to express it. This is why the public likes the president.

Thing is, Jim said he has no idea how the video leaked and blames it on people who want to destroy his reputation. He should blame the person on the other end who recorded and shared it with the public.

I’m not judging Jim Paredes based on his recent actions caught on video; I’m judging him based on his previous actions maligning and condemning people like Duterte and Mocha Uson just for being open about sex and uninhibited behaviour in public. His hypocrisy has been exposed.

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