Amal Clooney was right about Arroyo in 2015 but today she is wrong about Maria Ressa’s “case”

Maria Ressa is insulting Filipino lawyers by hiring foreigners to defend her. I suppose it’s because it’s mostly foreigners who buy her lies. More importantly, foreigners lack a broad understanding of the context behind those lies.

These foreigners should take time out to recall just a few years back how no less than their resident Yellow “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles reported how they “reacted with disbelief to reports that star international lawyer Amal Clooney had filed a complaint to a UN human rights body on behalf of detained former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo”.

This time, the Yellows aren’t ‘shocked’ by Amal Clooney’s intervention into the Philippines’ justice system.

This is is a reminder of how selective the Yellows are in the positions they take. They reacted badly to Clooney defending their enemy former President Arroyo – someone who was being persecuted by then President Noynoy Aquino and then Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. Clooney actually won the case before the UN but the Yellows ignored the ruling and merely shrugged it off.

Now that Clooney is on the side of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, the Yellows are all cheers. Selective indeed.

All that said, I actually welcome Amal Clooney joining Maria Ressa’s defense team. She’s an intelligent woman and would soon find out Ressa’s case doesn’t have legs to stand on. She could still continue to defend her after she finds out the truth, but Ressa’s lies will eventually be exposed.

Raissa Robles SAVAGELY BURNED on Twitter after politicising Catriona Gray’s #MissUniverse win

After a display of awe-insping beauty on the outside and the inside following Miss Philippines Catriona Gray winning the 2018 Miss Universe title comes an astounding exhibit of ugliness on the inside and on the outside.

God’s other Gift to Philippine Journalism, Raissa Robles does not waste time when it comes to politicising what would normally have been an event that all Filipinos could celebrate…

When @catrionaelisa comes home, I wonder if a reporter would dare to ask her – Your heart goes out to the children of Tondo. How do you feel about children from Tondo becoming ‘collateral damage’ in the President’s war on drugs? Do you agree they should be treated as such?

Indeed, perhaps a reporter should ask that question. But coming from Robles who presents a stark contrast to the articulate grace and fresh cultural symbol Filipinos are constantly searching for, the otherwise reasonable message gets lost.

If the Opposition were truly serious about winning a PR war against a popular president, they should seriously think again about whether they want to be represented in the media by characters like Raissa Robles. Indeed, it is time the Philippine Opposition take the bold step and ditch the Yellowtards.

“Investigative journalist” Raissa Robles’s puny attempt to challenge Bobi Tiglao on Martial Law matters

Yellowtard “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles finally went there. She is challenging Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao to explain why he hasn’t filed charges against his own torturers during his imprisonment in the 1970s.

Bobie [sic] Tiglao blames human rights victims for not filing cases against their abusers. He should ask himsrlf first – why did he not file a case right after martial law against his torturer? Takot much?

Tiglao who has has written at length of his own membership in the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and his own experience being incarcerated on charges of being so.

What Robles should be doing if she were a true journalist is to step back from this infantile personal attack and ask the more important question:

Why did the Cory Aquino government, then successive governments after that, allow Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos to go free despite being the key architects and implementors of Martial Law?

People like Robles can pick on people like Tiglao and quibble over their record of dealing with the “Martial Law Years”. But as long as the big question of why no less than two Aquino presidents handled the living architects of Martial Law with kids’ gloves remains unanswered, they will all come across as mere hypocrites.

Duterte critics watch red-faced and in stunned silence as Boracay opens to happy Filipinos

I don’t think Duterte’s critics are happy about Boracay reopening. They were hoping their suspicions are true – that it was a prelude to Martial Law.

We knew back then what a ludicrous notion that was and it is easily validated today what nonsense this is.

Indeed, how can the yellows still think “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles has credibility after making all these bullsit assertions about Boracay’s closure?

Everything is “Martial Law” or a “Marcosian” move to her when the project or directive is from someone not allied with LP.

Members of the Opposition – some of them from the elite crowds – who were against the closure and rehabilitation of Boracay will be one of the first to visit the island for sure. They will frolic and enjoy the clean water and upgraded facilities courtesy of the Duterte govt.

We shouldn’t hold our breaths waiting for the yellows to apologise and admit they were wrong to accuse Duterte of all kinds of negative things when he decided to close and rehabilitate Boracay. They will never admit to being wrong.

Why Raissa Robles’s “apology” for mocking the Visayan accent is insincere and self-serving

Evidently Raissa Robles was on the receiving end of widespread outrage over an offensive tweet she issued meant to mock the Visayan diction of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte…

…otherwise she wouldn’t have gone on to write this apology.

It is by no means unconditional as Robles goes to lengths to spell out the terms of that apology…

1. I never realized that language was an issue and trampled on the sensitivities of others

2. Now that I’ve been made to realize this, I apologize to all those who I offended. I’m sorry.

3. In fact, having been awakened to this issue, I’d like to invite people who feel they were discriminated against on this issue to tell me their stories and anecdotes. I’m considering compiling them into a report.

4. I don’t apologize to vicious fake account trolls obviously riding on the issue to promote Marcos and Duterte dictatorships

Before this apology, however, it is easy to see that Robles put in quite an effort to defend and justify her ill-thought-out tweet. In this one, she attempts a classic “what about this” argument…

It is quite apparent that Robles stuck to her guns to the bitter end. This drawn-out defensiveness on her part casts a dark shadow upon what now comes across as a rather contrived “apology”.

Robles should learn to be a bit more circumspect with the message she sends out to her impressionable crowd seeing that she really is not very good at rectifying the damage she causes to the psyches of her followers.