Duterte critics watch red-faced and in stunned silence as Boracay opens to happy Filipinos

I don’t think Duterte’s critics are happy about Boracay reopening. They were hoping their suspicions are true – that it was a prelude to Martial Law.

We knew back then what a ludicrous notion that was and it is easily validated today what nonsense this is.

Indeed, how can the yellows still think “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles has credibility after making all these bullsit assertions about Boracay’s closure?

Everything is “Martial Law” or a “Marcosian” move to her when the project or directive is from someone not allied with LP.

Members of the Opposition – some of them from the elite crowds – who were against the closure and rehabilitation of Boracay will be one of the first to visit the island for sure. They will frolic and enjoy the clean water and upgraded facilities courtesy of the Duterte govt.

We shouldn’t hold our breaths waiting for the yellows to apologise and admit they were wrong to accuse Duterte of all kinds of negative things when he decided to close and rehabilitate Boracay. They will never admit to being wrong.

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