Former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales was STUPID to attempt travel into Chinese territory

It was plain stupid of former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales to enter Chinese territory after criticising China heavily and even going as far as filing a case against President XI Jinping before the International Criminal Court (ICC). If she really hates China and how it is run, why does she want to spend her holidays there?

What do you expect the Philippine Government to do, force China to allow Morales to enter Hong Kong? But that is exactly what some people are calling for…

But the Philippines also has a rule against foreign activists who speak ill of the govt. Remember how Sister Patricia Fox got deported after engaging in illegal activist activities? Why should China treat Morales any different? Morales is considered a threat to China after she filed a case against Pres Xi Jinping.

This incident proves all Yellows from the low ranking foot soldiers to the top generals are not very smart. Carpio-Morales is one of those yellows who despise China but can’t stop going to HongKong, eating Chinese food and buying products made in China. Carpio-Morales must be feeling humiliated. That’s what she needs – humble pie. China should take note of all anti-China advocates from the Yellow crowd and ban them from entering their territories.

Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo calls a foreigner “more Filipino than many of us”

It is appalling that “vice president” Leni Robredo, presumably the second highest official in the Philippines, would regard a foreigner as one who is “more Filipino” than many Filipinos. This is the height of treachery coming from someone who is but a heartbeat away from the Philippine presidency.

Robredo exhibits a particularly nefarious aspect of the Filipino cultural character — its persistent colonial mentality. Rather than aspire to develop an inherent grace and integrity, Filipinos look to foreigners to serve them these traits on a silver platter. That’s just plain lazy self-development. Robredo, in effect, encourages this laziness by expressing a hope for this continued dependence on imported virtue

So I believe that Sister Fox will return and she will continue her mission here of helping our people.

All Filipinos need to do, to follow Robredo’s thinking, is to sit with their mouths open towards the sky and wait for virtue to drop from the heavens.

In Sister Patricia Fox, Filipinos latch on to yet another Jesus Christ figure and her prophet is Leni Robredo

The formula is the same. In the case of General Douglas MacArthur, the promise was explicit. “I shall return.” In the case of the Yellowtard cause, it is “Tuloy ang Laban” — doublespeak for “we plan to seize power again someday by hook or by crook”. In the case of Patricia Fox who had been ordered to leave the Philippines for violating her visa terms, the Yellowtard-led Opposition is presuming an intent to make and fulfill a similar promise of a triumphant return.

Of course, it takes the pea brain of “vice president” Leni Robredo to pipe up and be the voice of the small-minded in that regard as evident in this recent statement of hers

Tingin ko dadating ‘yung panahon na babalik din si sister sa atin at ipagpapatuloy ‘yung misyon niya para tulungan ang mga Pilipino

Translated: “The way I see it, Sister [Fox] will return to us and continue her mission to help the Filipinos…”

You wonder, through, how the people of a country full of priests and nuns prefer to look to an Australian nun to fulfill such a presumed promise. Colonial mentality at work, perhaps.

It doesn’t help that no less than the “vice president” encouraged Filipinos to look outward for “help” rather than rely on their own inherent capability to help themselves.

And so goes on the astounding miseducation of Filipinos in the hands of the Yellowtards.