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Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo calls a foreigner “more Filipino than many of us”

It is appalling that “vice president” Leni Robredo, presumably the second highest official in the Philippines, would regard a foreigner as one who is “more Filipino” than many Filipinos. This is the height of treachery coming from someone who is but a heartbeat away from the Philippine presidency.

Robredo exhibits a particularly nefarious aspect of the Filipino cultural character — its persistent colonial mentality. Rather than aspire to develop an inherent grace and integrity, Filipinos look to foreigners to serve them these traits on a silver platter. That’s just plain lazy self-development. Robredo, in effect, encourages this laziness by expressing a hope for this continued dependence on imported virtue

So I believe that Sister Fox will return and she will continue her mission here of helping our people.

All Filipinos need to do, to follow Robredo’s thinking, is to sit with their mouths open towards the sky and wait for virtue to drop from the heavens.

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