In Sister Patricia Fox, Filipinos latch on to yet another Jesus Christ figure and her prophet is Leni Robredo


The formula is the same. In the case of General Douglas MacArthur, the promise was explicit. “I shall return.” In the case of the Yellowtard cause, it is “Tuloy ang Laban” — doublespeak for “we plan to seize power again someday by hook or by crook”. In the case of Patricia Fox who had been ordered to leave the Philippines for violating her visa terms, the Yellowtard-led Opposition is presuming an intent to make and fulfill a similar promise of a triumphant return.

Of course, it takes the pea brain of “vice president” Leni Robredo to pipe up and be the voice of the small-minded in that regard as evident in this recent statement of hers

Tingin ko dadating ‘yung panahon na babalik din si sister sa atin at ipagpapatuloy ‘yung misyon niya para tulungan ang mga Pilipino

Translated: “The way I see it, Sister [Fox] will return to us and continue her mission to help the Filipinos…”

You wonder, through, how the people of a country full of priests and nuns prefer to look to an Australian nun to fulfill such a presumed promise. Colonial mentality at work, perhaps.

It doesn’t help that no less than the “vice president” encouraged Filipinos to look outward for “help” rather than rely on their own inherent capability to help themselves.

And so goes on the astounding miseducation of Filipinos in the hands of the Yellowtards.

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