Maria Ressa TOO SCARED to file libel charges against Bobi Tiglao!

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is on a rampage following Bobi Tiglao’s explosive series of exposés on her dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Tiglao points out that Ressa is an American, bashing the Philippines and that as part of her commitment to American citizenship, she is sworn to “absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which [she had] been a subject or citizen.”

But Ressa “acquired Filipino citizenship in 2004 to make it legally easier for her to work as a manager at ABS-CBN Broadcasting, a media company where foreigners are banned by the Constitution from participating”, as Tiglao writes in his follow-on piece Rappler’s Ressa is a colossal con man. Indeed, she does have a “distressed career” to salvage. She today mounts a textbook Victimhood Campaign involving “her portrayal as a hapless journalist struggling against a powerful state”. And yet, in actual fact, “she is under the protection of the world’s most powerful nation” — her true motherland, the United States of America.

Understandably, Ressa is livid. But then asked by humble Netizens why she should not just file libel charges against Tiglao, Ressa responded in her usual arrogant, condescending, and haughty demeanour.

Of course, any schmoe can dismiss the opinion of a respected columnist as mere “fantasies”. She can even tweet that dismissal to her millions of followers as much as she wants. However, the way the world works today makes containing that growing sentiment a bit more difficult than merely throwing a sophomoric tantrum.

Ressa, of course, has the option of suing for libel. That’s when it gets interesting and what will separate the men from the boys. Your move, Maria Ressa.

#DefendPressFreedom is just the latest snowflake fashion statement

“Attack on press freedom”. Seriously? If that notion even remotely made sense, then there’d be an industry-wide backlash. The fact is, there isn’t one. It’s really just Rappler CEO Maria Ressa raising a big stink about this mythological “attack”.

Why does Maria Ressa believe “press freedom” is “under attack”? Perhaps it is because her failed project Rappler is under legal and financial attack. Thing is, legal and financial attacks are real adult problems. “Attacks” on “press freedom”, on the other hand aren’t. The latter is just a quaint girly fantasy created by a failed CEO to distract people from the reality that much of what troubles her are problems of her own making.

Maria Ressa needs to woman up. She needs to set a good example to womandom and take accountability for what she really did — neglect her duties as CEO to run Rappler as a business the way a professional manager would. Instead of doing that Ressa instead dragged Rappler and the fortunes of her investors and the careers of her employees into the dark world of her personal adolescent peeves.

De La Salle Philippines president Armin Luistro BURNT by LaSallian community following call to support Maria Ressa!

De La Salle Philippines president Armin Luistro the other day issued a baldly presumptuous call to action to — presumably all — “LaSallians” to support embattled Rappler CEO Maria Ressa.

Let’s give our all out support as Lasallians to Rappler. Let’s defend press freedom. Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s vote with our feet and stand with Maria Ressa!
— Br. Armin Luistro FSC

Photo [below] by The LaSallian

The statement failed because it was underpinned by the flawed sweeping assumption that all “LaSallians” would necessarily take the position espoused by Luistro. Luistro, in effect, makes the all-too-familiar fatal mistake that lost today’s Opposition bloc an entire nation in 2016.

Suffice to say, the LaSallian community didn’t respond too kindly to what, in essence, was a blatant insult to their intelligence delivered by their own president.


Lesson to administrators of educational institutions: Don’t insult the intelligence of your students.

Maria Ressa dismisses her critics as “trolls”, believes she holds a monopoly on being RIGHT!

Maria Ressa dismisses Filipinos who challenge her claim that she is being targeted by the Duterte government by labelling them as “trolls” who are merely following “marching orders”. That’s like saying her critics are all non-humans who have nothing of any worth to say. This is the height of arrogance.

It is indeed fitting that Maria Ressa will now be facing a real judge presiding over a real Philippine court. This marks the end of an era where Ressa served as sole self-appointed judge over whether anything she says is right or wrong. Finally, a third and authorised party gets to rule on the question over how right about certain things Ressa really is.

Maria Ressa is a media personality who abused her position as chief executive of a channel that has access to millions of Filipino eyeballs. She measured validity on the basis of popularity and used popularity to enforce validity. That’s as crooked as any media executive could ever get — a bald abuse of a power that entails enormous responsibility. It’s time Maria Ressa pay dearly for that abuse.

Did Maria Ressa LIE to the Associated Press (@AP) regarding her arrest? #DefendPressFreedom

The Associated Press today announced the deletion of a tweet posted Wednesday and implied that it was misled by statements provider by Rappler CEO Maria Ressa…

The AP deleted a Wednesday tweet on journalist Maria Ressa’s arrest. It incorrectly said she was arrested for criticizing Philippine President Duterte. Authorities said she was arrested over a libel complaint, but Ressa argues the government misapplied the law to target her.

This is a landmark retraction by a major news media organisation as many others continue to “report” misleading information about Ressa’s arrest on charges of libel.

Erstwhile respected “journalist” Christiane Amanpour, for example, seemingly stands by the very significantly slanted take on the matter that the AP now distances itself from…

You know a government is desperate when they arrest a journalist.

President Duterte: FREE @mariaressa NOW.


It seems Amanpour needs to be reminded of the most relevant fact of this matter — that only a Philippine court can decide on that which she is calling for.

Perhaps the rest of the global “journalism” community need to get a grip and step back from all the misleading emotionalism kicked up by Maria Ressa in her desperation to sidestep the the task she is being taken to today. It’s an opportune time for the community to revisit the core values of the journalism profession and understanding the root cause of the crisis of relevance and credibility that the corporate news media industry suffers today.

Maria Ressa may end up behind bars thanks to a cybercrime law Noynoy Aquino signed! #DefendPressFreedom

Those who insist that the arrest of Maria Ressa is an “attack on press freedom” are being stupid for continuing to criticise someone you think has the power to lock you up. The fact that you are still free despite criticising him makes you look stupid as well.

Ressa wasn’t arrested because she criticised Duterte. She was arrested for a libel case against her over an article published on her online site. It was a private individual who filed the case, not Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Please check your facts.

Interestingly enough, Noynoy Aquino was the one who signed the cyber crime act into law. Maria Ressa was helping Noynoy oust the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona during his impeachment trial when her online site published the libelous article vs W Keng. Now she could be jailed using Noynoy’s cyber crime law. Oh the irony!

I’d be totally surprised if Noynoy speaks out against a law he fully endorsed during his term. The law is working to put an end to libellous acts of his own allies in mainstream media.

Maria Ressa’s supporters cannot keep using #DefendPressFreedom to defend a law-breaker

“Hold the line”. I find this so OA. Maria Ressa is simply not very smart. She can’t stay out of trouble. She should learn from the best. Perhaps even a “minor-minor” blogger can teach her how to kick some ass without getting sued or arrested.

I don’t even know why Maria Ressa is acting so “surprised” she got arrested when the fact that she was included in the libel lawsuit was all over the news. She’s either not very smart or she thinks she can fool everyone. Either way, it doesn’t look good. This #DefendPressFreedom is misguided.

Perhaps some so-called journalists wish they would get arrested too because they are bored…it’s baffling why they are still enjoying their freedom to criticise the very person they accuse of abusing his power. Aren’t they accusing members of the judiciary of being corrupt as well?

Only a judge can decide Maria Ressa’s fate now, but it seems Maria Ressa’s supporters know better than a Philippine judge.

The “movement” to #DefendPressFreedom is all about Maria Ressa and not much else

If #DefendPressFreedom was the burning national issue Maria Ressa makes it out to be, why aren’t politicians making it a cornerstone of their campaign? The fact is, it isn’t relevant because it is a non-issue. Maria Ressa was arrested for charges related to her conduct as leader of a news media organisation. Her case has nothing to do with press freedom. For that matter, press freedom was never “under attack” to begin with.

Last we heard it is only Maria Ressa supposedly being “harassed”, supposedly. We don’t hear any other media personality throwing a tantrum even remotely similar to Ressa’s rants. There is no #DefendPressFreedom. Only defend Maria Ressa. Maria Ressa is calling on Filipinos to #DefendPressFreedom because SHE was arrested for LIBEL. Let that sink in for a moment then realise just how ridiculous the notion is.

Who is Ressa anyway? Why screech #DefendPressFreedom over a CEO who failed her shareholders, her employees, and her readers for being a mediocre executive and a dishonest “journalist”?

The only person who can decide Maria Ressa’s LEGAL case is a judge. Judges aren’t moved by activist drivel slogans like #DefendPressFreedom. Only morons are.

Arrest of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is NOT an “attack on press freedom”. Not at all!

Members of the community of cluckity Netizens that orbit the cult of personality of Maria Ressa, CEO of “social news network” Rappler are up in arms. As I write this, agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) are reportedly serving a warrant of arrest and taking Ressa to custody for offenses related to libel. In response, Ressa’s fans are crying bloody “attack on press freedom”.

But, really, all this has NOTHING to do with “press freedom”. The charges against Maria Ressa have to do with the DISHONEST “journalism” she and her henchwomen are evidently free to propagate. Until now, that is.

One Netizen desperately asks, “Do you think this still has nothing to do with suppressing press freedom, Sir? Help me understand your stance re this.”

To that I say, you need to step further back because the premise that frames your question is flawed. Step back and ask whether “press freedom” is “under attack” in the Philippines to begin with.

The truth is, press freedom was NEVER under threat to begin with. There is no evidence of this dishonest claim propagated by Maria Ressa.

The core issue here is around the charges against Ressa submitted within the framework of the law. Screeching “press freedom” does nothing to mitigate Ressa’s trouble with the law. If Ressa’s supporters want to be smart, they should respond with legal arguments rather than the obsolete street theatrics and crybaby stunts they are likely already planning to mount.

Kris Aquino lawyers issue threats of LIBEL lawsuits against media covering #PABoost scandal!

It seems Kris Aquino Inc is on the warpath and is mobilising its vast resource to crush the spread of information deemed damaging to the personal brand of the Crazy Rich One.

An excerpt from correspondence sent out by law firm Divina Law to various media organisations was featured in a report published by and exhibits the veiled threats issued by Aquino’s attorneys…

While we recognize your constitutional right to free speech, free expression and press freedom, we reiterate that Libel is not protected speech.

Thus, we caution you from airing or broadcasting these interviews without verifying the allegations or securing the side/explanation of our client.

Every defamatory imputation is presumed malicious (Article 354, Revised Penal Code).

Liability for defamatory statements published by radio or television may be had from the owner of the station, a licensee, the operator of the station, or a person who procures, or participates in, the making or caused the broadcast or publication of the defamatory statements.

Lawyer Jesus Falcis, brother and spokesman for Nicko, Aquino’s former business manager has since issued a statement denouncing Aquino’s crackdown on developing news surrounding her financial dealings with social media influencers (following excerpt also featured in the same report).

Kris Aquino’s attempt, through her lawyers, to intimidate and prevent the media from airing our side is like the last gasp of a delusional queen who is afraid of losing credibility and power because her fake image will be unmasked.

It can be noted that many of the Crazy Rich One’s purported business associates such as “legal consultant” Gideon Pena had gone silent since the scandal erupted. Some Netizens known to be rabid supporters of parties loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan such as a certain Mia Magdalena Longid, Registrar at the prestigious Brent International School, deactivated their Twitter account altogether.

Evidently, Aquino is fighting a PR battle on two fronts. One is the “bad cop” front being led by her lawyers described above and the other the sympathy front as shown in a recent photo of her in a Singapore hospital published on Instagram.

Indeed, a true media circus by all accounts as only the Queen of All Philippine Media could mount. But her efforts to “manage” this circus will undoubtedly have a chilling effect on the entire media industry.