Leni Robredo accuses her colleagues of “funding trolls” but shows no PROOF

CNN Philippines “reports” that “vice president” Leni Robredo believes that funds for trolls should be used to provide protective gear for COVID-19 frontliners.

In her radio show Biserbisyong Leni, Robredo said the following in Tagalog (translated to English by CNN Philippines)…

I always tell [fellow government officials] that the funds they use to pay for trolls should instead be used to provide assistance. They should use it to buy protective gear for our frontliners.

Who are these “fellow government officials” she suggests are illegally appropriating public funds to “fund trolls”? Robredo shows no specifics. More importantly, she is slandering her “fellow government officials” without showing any proof of criminal activity.

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Filipinos should remain vigilant and continue to regard the statements of the “vice president” with healthy skepticism. Robredo for her part should be more circumspect with her public statements and be sure to fact check her PR people before reading off the script they provide her.

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