Online terrorists @ddsbardagulan engaged in harrassment, sharing private info of lawyer Ferdie Topacio

An online hate group that refer to themselves as “DDS Bardagulan” (literally-translated: “Duterte Die-Hard Supporter Giants”) are on a rampage posting private information of Netizens who they deem are “satanic” supporters of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Lately they’ve been targetting prominent lawyer Fedinand Topacio, posting photos of his wife on Twitter and encouraging their followers to harass him and his family.

Salamat @ShuanMicC sa katapangan mo at pagkuha ng info ng asawa ni bisexual Ferdi Pedo Topacio. (Ayan na shoutout mo ah!) (NB: rest of tweet redacted due to privacy concerns)

The derogatory names with which they refer to Topacio also seem to suggest that they accuse him of being a pedophile. This is arguably a case of libel and are possible offenses against the Philippines’ Cyber Libel Law. Indeed, whoever are operating this Twitter account have explicitly expressed that they have no qualms about violating data privacy laws vowing to flout all of these and continue posting private information on Twitter.

DDS, anong data data privacy? Ulol tangina nyo! Buhayin nyo ulit mga namatay sa war on drugs nyo. Kala nyo matatakot nyo kami ng ATB at mga batas na kayo lang din gumawa? Ipapaskil namin kayo lahat dito quingina nyo.

It is clear seeing the language they use that these characters are rabid and harbour clear intents to harm people including their families. In some of their mission statements, it is easy to glean the malevolence in their intent.

Kung mahal mo ang Pilipinas at gusto mong mawala ang mga salot na DDS, follow us para updated kayo ng mga itsura ng mga Diablo De Satanas na mga DDS. Ugaliin na tingnan ang aming mga tweets oras-oras! (Sa mga na-blocked namin na allies, paki pm kami para ma-unblock namin kayo)

Some otherwise mainstream Netizens who are part of the “disente” Opposition communities also condone their actions such as what chi chi social climber @MrsUnlawyer exhibits in this tweet

Unavailable na kasi yung tweet ni DDSbardagulan

The hypocrisy with which the Yellowtards operate has long been evident. They seem to be more interested in silencing people who disagree with them and less on engaging in open and honest debate. This is why they have lost an entire nation — because they are inconsistent in their “advocacy” and utterly incoherent in the positions they take on most issues.

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