Is including a #NoToBullying hashtag in the Ateneo’s decision statement appropriate?

The Ateneo administration finally released an “official” decision on the bullying case of Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montesa. The letter was signed by its president Fr. Jett Villarin and published on Twitter

The question is, was it appropriate to add hashtags to what one would have thought is an official document issued by the institution?

This further stokes speculation that the Ateneo had been managing this incident more as a PR management exercise than a truly administrative case that observers are expecting of the school.

A bit more sobriety and circumspect is expected of an upstanding institution such as that of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Ateneo bullying incident a potential ASSAULT case and should involve the police

This is the right thing to do. According to a Manila Times report, parents of the victim of Ateneo Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes’s alleged bullying are taking appropriate steps…

The victim’s parents accompanied their child to the Quezon City Anonas Police Station where they filed a report of the incident, Chief Supt. Joselito Esquivel told The Manila Times.

The Ateneo has lost the confidence of the public as far as dealing with entrenched bullying within its student body goes. Statements the Ateneo administration had released following the explosion of this incident over social media are perceived by many observers to be mere efforts at damage control and no more than public relations management measures.

Indeed, in essence, the Ateneo administration is not a disinterested party in any “investigation” surrounding this case — because it is a party essentially investigating itself and, potentially, parties of interest that it is financially involved with.

As such, it is good that the aggrieved parties have taken the matter to state authorities and have initiated the process properly by taking the first important step — filing a police report. An incident that can be considered to be a case of assault is quite evident in the videos that have, rightly or wrongly, now become part of the public domain. The only way forward is to move forward from there.

Opposition attempt to POLITICISE Ateneo bullying scandal BACKFIRES badly!

Ahem…products of Ateneo who wreaked havoc in the Philippines:

– Noynoy Aquino
– Lourdes Sereno
– Andy Bautista
– Harvey Keh
– Jim Paredes
– Risa Hontiveros
– Kris Aquino

You have to wonder what is it about the school that produces sociopathic behaviour.

Some say the name of the bully from the Ateneo should be withheld because he has a right to privacy. Well, he forfeited that right after he willingly allowed someone to video himself beating another kid. He knew that video was going to go public but didn’t have a problem with it.

So, my dear yellows, prove that you can discipline your own ranks and fix the bullying problem in Ateneo before you try and fix others who think you never had any credibility in the first place. It‘s hard to take you seriously when you tolerate appalling behaviour from your own members.

I can’t get over how the yellows ride on every issue to take a dig at Duterte. It makes them look pathetic. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

New memo is out: Yellowtards OWN outrage over bullying

This is the bukang bibig of Yellowtardom today. People are not allowed to express outrage over the viral bullying video of Ateneo Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes if they are “silent” on “the bigger bully in Malacanang”.

Well, golly gee. It seems to fly over the pointed heads of Yellowtard “influencers” that this is the sort of attitude that lost them an entire nation in 2016 to begin with.

The fact is, ordinary people can relate with the image of kids bullying and being bullied in a video. The idea of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte being a “national bully” is a mere abstract concept and a notion that, as we see today, is failing to resonate with the broader public.

See, this is why the Yellowtards are a liability to the Philippine Opposition. They are utter failures at reading the pulse of the public and, as a consequence, consistently fail at even the most basic of public relations measures.

This latest outrage fad and their response to it only serves to isolate them even further and set the Opposition even further off course from their goal of winning elections. The Opposition should cut their losses. They should do themselves a favour and ditch the Yellowtards once and for all.

Joaquin Montes was likely a victim of his own psychological issues

Did you see how that Ateneo bully was fixing his hair before he beat the other kid? He was showing signs of narcissistic and psychopathic behaviour.

To be fair, Joaquin Montes, the bully from Ateneo knew his Taekawondo moves, but he shouldn’t be using them against kids who can’t fight back. He should only be using them for self-defence, not for hurting others who aren’t even provoking him.

But is Joaquin Montes into boys? Why did he threaten to make the other kid kiss his privates? The way I understand it, heterosexuals are not into that. Plus he seems to be frustrated about something and is taking it out on other boys. He could use some professional therapy.

Dear yellows: You can’t keep bringing up Duterte every time there is an issue involving bullying!

If you are against bullying, then you should be against all bullies and acts of bullying. You don’t even realise you are also a bully for associating every issue with Duterte.

Let me see, a lot of yellows are from Ateneo. A lot of bad things are coming out about Ateneo lately and exposing the ugly system that breeds sociopaths. The school seems to be producing a lot of people lacking in empathy and are too full of themselves. Yellows + Ateneo = Losers!

Yellows cannot accept their beloved Ateneo produced a monster. They can’t admit the school’s system is broken. They still think it is the bastion of goodness. The faculty is a disgrace for turning a blind eye even after the bullying was said to have been reported earlier on.

The people need to demand that Ateneo remove that bully from their school. Parents who care about their kids should not stay quiet about this incident. Speaking up is not “shaming” the bully. It is showing that bullying will not be tolerated.

Victim of Ateneo Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes’s alleged bullying requires surgery!

According to a post on the Facebook group Atenista, the victim of Ateneo Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes suffered worse injuries than could be gleaned from the now-viral video that made him infamous.

“The victim is now in the hospital. He suffered multiple nose fractures and requires surgery. 2 days na pala since the incident happened. The victim apparently hid the incident from his parents because of fear. The victim explained that it was just a basketball accident. But because the viral video came out yesterday, it was only recently na nagpunta sa hospital.

“I am posting this so that we as members of Atenista might get a picture of the deeper physical damage suffered by the victim. He suffered in silence because of fear. Now there is also emotional and psychological damage.

“Is he the only victim? Can the other victims please also speak up and come out?”

It is disturbing that bullying victims fear telling even their parents about their plight. Is this a sign of a really deep social problem afflicting elite private schools that we are only beginning to understand?

Will the REAL Joaquin Montes please stand up?

So far we are aware of two Joaquin Montes Twitter accounts. One was featured in a previous post and goes by the handle @joaquinmontesjr which issues this tweet among others.

The other is what a few Netizens are regarding as the real deal and that recently issued this gem

Which is the real one? Who is the real Joaquin Montes of bullying viral video fame?

It is important to know because Ateneans like regarding themselves as Ambassadors of Good English. None of these Twitter accounts seem to live up to that ideal and sound a lot more like a certain Yellowtard blogger that, interestingly enough, the Ateneo once endorsed.

Joaquin Montes bullying incident at the Ateneo highlights persistence of social cancer!

The outrage rages on around Ateneo Junior High School student and taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes bloodying the face of a schoolmate in the boys’ room seemingly unprovoked. This, despite pleas from the Ateneo de Manila University to desist from spreading the now-viral video.

Unverified reports of online chats supposedly participated in by Montes that suggest a drug abuse angle have also emerged

And now there is even a Twitter account (very likely a parody) claiming to represent the sentiments of Montes.

One of the golden rules of expertise in the martial arts is to never use one’s skills to deliberately cause harm and to only use these as self defence.

The Ateneo is also a bastion of activism against the so-called “war on drugs” that foreign media are reporting is on -going with deadly consequences in the Philippines. Now it is receiving flak from the Filipino public over what seems to be a kids’ gloves treatment accorded to Montes in its on-going “investigation”.