Joaquin Montes bullying incident at the Ateneo highlights persistence of social cancer!

The outrage rages on around Ateneo Junior High School student and taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes bloodying the face of a schoolmate in the boys’ room seemingly unprovoked. This, despite pleas from the Ateneo de Manila University to desist from spreading the now-viral video.

Unverified reports of online chats supposedly participated in by Montes that suggest a drug abuse angle have also emerged

And now there is even a Twitter account (very likely a parody) claiming to represent the sentiments of Montes.

One of the golden rules of expertise in the martial arts is to never use one’s skills to deliberately cause harm and to only use these as self defence.

The Ateneo is also a bastion of activism against the so-called “war on drugs” that foreign media are reporting is on -going with deadly consequences in the Philippines. Now it is receiving flak from the Filipino public over what seems to be a kids’ gloves treatment accorded to Montes in its on-going “investigation”.

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