New memo is out: Yellowtards OWN outrage over bullying


This is the bukang bibig of Yellowtardom today. People are not allowed to express outrage over the viral bullying video of Ateneo Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes if they are “silent” on “the bigger bully in Malacanang”.

Well, golly gee. It seems to fly over the pointed heads of Yellowtard “influencers” that this is the sort of attitude that lost them an entire nation in 2016 to begin with.

The fact is, ordinary people can relate with the image of kids bullying and being bullied in a video. The idea of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte being a “national bully” is a mere abstract concept and a notion that, as we see today, is failing to resonate with the broader public.

See, this is why the Yellowtards are a liability to the Philippine Opposition. They are utter failures at reading the pulse of the public and, as a consequence, consistently fail at even the most basic of public relations measures.

This latest outrage fad and their response to it only serves to isolate them even further and set the Opposition even further off course from their goal of winning elections. The Opposition should cut their losses. They should do themselves a favour and ditch the Yellowtards once and for all.

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