According to Yellowtard “logic” James Deakin is also in Kris Aquino’s pocket!

Interestingly enough, a report published back in June of 2017 featured the Crazy Rich One going on a drive with Deakin.

And yet the Yellowtards were up in arms some time back over photos of TV personality James Deakin with Bongbong Marcos…

…enough, it seems, for Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog to launch a #PABoost-funded demonisation campaign against him. As of now, the Yellowtards continue to troll Deakin on Twitter among other social media platforms.

If we apply Yellowtard logic to the earlier scenario, you know, just to be consistent, what would you conclude?

There you go.

The mystery of the Yellowtard @MiaMagdalena’s sudden disappearance from Twitter… #PABoost casualty?

Back a few days, I noted the sudden mysterious disappearance of a noted Yellowtard Twitter user who goes by the handle @MiaMagdalena.

This Twitter user is a member of an active mob of Yellowtard Twitter accounts renowned for their ferocious attacks against the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and their gang-bullying of Twitter users that dare challenge their assertions.

Her last tweets just before the disappearance of her Twitter account were part of an attack on TV personality James Deakin.

Turns out the person behind this Twitter account is Mia Magdalena F. Longid, the Registrar of chi chi ultra-elite Brent International School in Baguio City.

To quote an important excerpt from the message of said Registrar to the student body and, presumably, its extended community of parents and faculty members…

We strive to be a living International School Community, where young people from different nationalities, religions, and family backgrounds, educate one another by mutual understanding and respect, openness of mind in dialogue, acceptance of the uniqueness and limitations of each, and with growth in the spirit of service and in the practice of justice and charity.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all choked up reading this.

Of course James Deakin (@jdeakin72) is a victim of cyberbullying! #PABoost

Yellows have no evidence to support James Deakin is a “Marcos supporter” other than being photographed with BBM. Meanwhile, there is already proof their fave blogger Jover Laurio is being funded by Kris Aquino to ruin other people’s reputation.

Yellows and all anti-Marcos advocates cannot think straight anymore because they have been blinded by hate. Almost 40 years of mind conditioning by members of mainstream media allied with the Aquinos resulted in this. But only the gullible remain victim to the propaganda.

The silver lining here is that Yellow social climbers are falling one by one. This is good for Philippine society. The toxicity level on social media will go down. Some of them are too full of themselves. Kala mo kung sinong sosyal at maganda. Bakya naman.

Mainstream media silence on @PinoyAkoBlog #PABoost circus. They now lack credibility too!

Some major media outlets are trying their best to avoid writing about the Jover/Kris exposé because they don’t want to write anything negative about their allies. But they cannot avoid it forever since lawsuits against the two could be in the works. I hope James Deakin will pursue legal action.

Jover copped major karma for accusing us of being Marcos “paid hacks”. Turns out she is the one being paid by an Aquino to attack their perceived enemies and anyone they think is associated with them like Deakin.

Their only “proof” is a photo with BBM, in Deakin’s case…tsk tsk. If we follow their logic, then everyone who is in a photo with the Aquinos or any LP member is an LP paid hack themselves. She can pretend everything is fine, but she’s done. She has zero cred.

Social media consumer influencer @RodMagaru: Are his political tweets a breach of his product endorsement contracts?

Much has been said about the possibility that Queen of All Philippine Media Kris Aquino may have put at risk her mega-million peso product endorsement deals by being revealed as a possible source of funds for the Facebook “boosts” Pinoy Ako Blog personality Jover Laurio has been enjoying.

So one wonders then, are such contract stipulations barring product endorsers from engaging in political punditry also included in consumer “influencer” Rod Magaru’s social media promotions contracts? For Magaru’s sake, we hope not seeing what that he had something important to say to TV personality James Deakin

At some point in one’s life, one needs to decide what one really wants to be: (1) a minion of clever corporate marketing or (2) a minion of big oligarchic politics. As the Crazy Rich One herself is discovering, you can’t be both.

Jover Laurio’s #PABoostNga victim James Deakin (@jdeakin72) urges media to call out @PinoyAkoBlog dishonesty!

Motoring TV personality and blogger James Deakin who was a victim of a vicious online attack by Jover Laurio is calling on mainstream media to rectify damage done to his reputation. In the Facebook post where he made the call, Deakin even hinted that there is enough material for a proper lawsuit against Laurio…

But morally bankrupt bloggers aside (my lawyer can have fun with her) what I would like to know, however, is why the mainstream media—who were so quick to legitimize the troll attack by publishing stories back then when there was actually no story to write (they just rode off the artificial buzz generated by the funded attack and leaped in to get some hits) are now silent now that there is actual hard evidence, receipts and a confession that show it was all one big sham. A paid hit. A funded defamation campaign.

Weeks have passed since revelations surfaced that Laurio had used at least 18,000 in funding possibly from no less than Kris Aquino herself, Queen of All Philippine Media and the Crazy Rich One embodied, to boost links to articles attacking Deakin published on her Pinoy Ako Blog. However, substantial coverage of this case has yet to come out from mainstream news media.

People in the “journalism” industry need to own up to their being willing accomplices in this appalling unfair demonization campaign driven by dishonest people!

Php18,000 spent to fund @PinoyAkoBlog ATTACK on James Deakin!

The latest leaked screenshots from behind the Yellow Curtain reveal that an astounding 18,000 pesos was spent on a Pinoy Ako Blog Facebook campaign to attack James Deakin!

The attack was likely so ferocious and the results of the funded campaign so effective that Deakin was forced to apologise to — surprise, surprise — none other than the Crazy Rich one herself

MANILA, Philippines – Automotive journalist and host James Deakin apologized to Kris Aquino for his handling of a controversy in which Deakin and politician Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr were featured in a video together.

Money well-spent (possibly by the Crazy Rich lady) it seems.