You don’t have to be a basketball fan to be sad about Kobe Bryant’s death

Not a big basketball fan here but sad nonetheless about his, his daughter’s, and his companions’ deaths in a helicopter crash. By many accounts Kobe Bryant was a good man. I read a Twitter thread written by a man who told about how Bryant helped him after he got involved in a car crash. The word “kind” was used over and over again to describe Bryant.

There are millions of kind people out there who die senseless deaths. Unfortunately we don’t know them nor can as readily relate to them as one would a celebrity like Kobe Bryant. That’s not being selective in one’s regard for human tragedy. That’s just being an ordinary human being being sad about someone one sees on TV and whose personal life one would know a lot more about than the average kind but obscure person who dies tragically.

There is no “wrong” or “right” person dying young or “senseless” deaths. For that matter, there is no “meaningful” nor “senseless” death to begin with. There is just Dying. Dying is just something living things do. We become sad because those who walk through Death’s door become inaccessible to us forever.

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