Filipinos “look” for Leni Robredo during disasters because EPAL is her modus operandi

A lame argument being fielded by Yellowtards nowadays is that the way Leni Robredo’s critics call for her to reveal her location in times of flooding is because she is the more capable leader in times of crisis. Unfortunately that sort of ululation just highlights further evidence of just how desperate the Opposition are to prop up their lame “leader”.

Nonetheless, the foremost “thought leaders” of Yellowtardom such as the likes of Harvey Keh are busy propagating the brain-dead script.

Dear Mr. President, Awayin nyo na po yung mga DDS ninyo, mukhang ang tingin na po talaga sa inyo eh inutil na kayo. Akalain nyo ba namang sa gitna ng krisis si VP Leni agad ang hinanap at hindi kayo? Grabe kayong mga DDS ha wag ganun kay tatay

Nobody is suggesting Leni Robredo is better than Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. She is just better at self-promotion as one would recall.

Leni Robredo routinely exploits disasters to campaign for the next national elections.
Leni Robredo came to evacuation centres evidently prepared with props for her photo and video ops.

This is the sort of “leader” the Yellowtards look up. Leni Robredo mirrors the character of the broader Philippine Opposition — one that would stoop to any level of depravity to further their dishonest political agendas.

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