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Should Kakie Pangilinan’s “apology” for her misguided tweets about Christine Dacera be accepted?

In the midst of a sudden and uncharacteristic bout of self-awareness, Kakie Pangilinan has taken to Twitter to express her regret over emotion-fuelled but totally-misguided earlier tweets about the death of Philippine Airlines flight attendant Christine Dacera.

before i sleep i’d just like to reiterate how absolutely sorry i am for helping to spread misinformation :(( the authorities’ statements were misleading and confusing (and still are) so i hope you can understand. regardless, rape will never be okay,’s really eating me up guys i read through articles before tweeting but i  should have waited knowing how the authorities function nowadays it’s sick and sad i’m really really sorry...i got caught up in the outrage, i promise i’ll do better. i’ve deleted all of the misleading tweets but i stand by everything i said re: respecting girls, and i hope christine still gets the justice she deserves. it’s still a heartbreaking and gut-wrenching way to start the year. I'm just really sorry

It should be noted, however, that Pangilinan, daughter of Senator and Mrs Sharon Cuneta, caveats her apologies with a jab at the way the Philippine police are handling the case, pointing out that “the authorities’ statements were misleading and confusing (and still are)”.

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Needless to say, when information at hand is “misleading and confusing”, then it is all the more important that “influencers” like Pangilinan who are out to score some Likes and Retweets be more circumspect in their pabida efforts.

The trouble is that a lot of damage had already been done. The only thing to look forward to from hereon is to hope that emotionally-driven “influencers” like Kakie Pangilinan and her ilk had learnt important lessons from this episode.

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