Would you disown your own father over ABS-CBN? Bianca Gonzalez thinks you should!

Such is the cult following that the brilliant and, until recently, well-paid PR and brand management team of ABS-CBN managed to create that its starstruck fandom are willing to disown their families over the media conglomerate. A certain Tweetizen named Jan Kirk (@jkirknayona) professed such a sentiment on Twitter recently and, to his credit, got a bit of luvin’ from the eminent Kapamilya stalwart Bianca Gonzalez herself…

I just unfriended my papa. He is in favor of shutting down ABS-CBN. Tangina di ba. Parang bet ko lumayas. Balakayo magbayad ng kuryente jan

The tweet has since been deleted and Kirk’s account either deactivated or set to private. However, nothing is ever really deleted from the Net as Google would attest to.

I did mention some time back that ABS-CBN taught Filipinos all the WRONG values. Guess we were right about that. It seems Bianca Gonzalez would like her fans to cancel their own father just to prove their loyalty to her employer!

Bianca Gonzalez should be ashamed of herself. She is a role model for the Filipino youth and here she is encouraging them to throw their parents under the bus just because they differ in their opinion on, of all things, a trashy brand like ABS-CBN. Such an appalling example being set by such a revered celebrity. It’s no wonder ABS-CBN suffered the fate that had befallen it.

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