Idiots livestreamimg hostage situation at Virra Mall, Greenhills are endangering lives

People have nothing better to do, it seems. They even turn hostage situations such as the one currently transpiring at the popular Virra Mall in Greenhills into entertainment for their friends and family. Why else would these people crowd around the scene of the situation armed with their phones taking videos and streaming these over […]

Rapplerette @PiaRanada editorialises maliciously in “report” on Cagayan officials’ visit to Malacanang

It seems Rappler “reporter” Pia Ranada is bent on not only maliciously mixing facts to skew her “news reports”. She also injects inappropriate inuendos in these. Writing about a visit to Malacanang by some Cagayan local government officials, Ranada opines… The Cagayan local chiefs enjoyed their MalacaƱang trip as their province was placed under Storm […]