Wishing death upon someone isn’t a very decent thing to be doing


Just over the last 24 hours, two Yellowtard Netizens had directed death wishes towards Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. To be fair to these people, hate has long been a pillar of today’s Opposition rhetoric. This is thanks to the Yellowtards who are the presumptive “leaders” of the Opposition. They are a particularly rabid bloc of partisans who mix superstition with a nebulous primitive brand of obstructionist opposition that harks back to their Cold War 1980s laban rhetoric.

(Click here to see tweet)
(Click here to see tweet)

The quickness and frequency with which many Yellowtards would play the unintelligent Death Wish card is disturbing. It indicates a fundamental lack of substance at the very foundations of their rhetoric.

Rather than wish the president’s death, Opposition “thought leaders” should at least try to work with the options and possibilities spelt out by the incumbent. There is grace in exhibiting a capability to work with political rivals when the stakes involve the well-being of the broader public. Rather than do this, however, the Opposition opt to implement a blanket policy of obstruction and active aggression.

It’s no wonder the Philippines struggles to advance. Its partisans remain politically immature thanks to an Opposition that had failed to grow up.

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