Lawyer @attyHarryRoque burns “thought leader” @RicHeydarian in Al Jazeera interview


An account of an Al Jazeera video interview tweeted by Netizen @Reyna_Elena featuring Harry Roque and Richard Heydarian shows the former trouncing the latter in a basic talk on “media freedom” in the Philippines.

Here is Elena’s account on the video interview

“This political scientist Heydarian needs more unlimited rice to learn his trade! Fledgling democracy my ass! He should not be put in a debate with @attyharryroque because it’s almost EJK hahaha! He does not even have an ounce of GMRC! Dios mio!

“From the opening statement alone by Harry Roque, he burned the Al Jazeera host. That’s a lesson for you people. If you bring in this guy, better prepare your assignement hahahaha!!! You rock Harry!”

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