Grace Poe is not fit to head the Senate inquiry on ABS-CBN because she is in bed with them!

The mother of all conflicts-of-interest undermines the impending Senate inquiry on the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchide. Senator Grace Poe who will head the inquiry claims it is all “in aid of legislation”. It seems, however, that it is all in aid of her side hustle.

Poe comes from a family of showbiz stars and has strong ties — some of them business ties — with ABS-CBN. As such, she is not likely to apply an impartial mind to such an inquiry. Rights to her father’s film archive, FPJ Productions and Film Archive Inc., are owned by ABS-CBN which acquired these in 2013

ABS-CBN, which has the widest reach in the country and worldwide, will showcase his iconic movies through its various free-to-air TV channels, cable TV channels, and The Filipino Channel following a deal it recently closed with the Poe family.

In light of the above, the Senate hearing on the plight of ABS-CBN is a dishonest undertaking seeing that the Poe family’s fortunes are intricately entwined with the Philippines’ top media conglomerate.

Filipinos should see this exercise for what it is — one that only seeks to keep one family’s assets intact and that of a channel with a long track record of “news reporting” biased towards a powerful feudal clan operating full steam.

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