According to Karen Davila, ABS-CBN is ENTITLED to priority treatment!

The more ABS-CBN top TV personality tweets, the more she gets her employer the bad PR they don’t need nowadays. In her latest statement, Karen Davila suggests that ABS-CBN is entitled to special treatment from no less than Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

It is, indeed, interesting how, on one hand, Opposition “influencers” would wax outrage over Duterte exerting (they allege) influence over the affairs of Congress and then, on the other, rely on his influence, as Davila now does, to sort out things that are in their interest! It seems, Davila remains butthurt over the burn she suffered after applying her dishonest agenda to her interview of Malacanang spokesperson Salvador Panelo. Yet she demands that Duterte “certify as urgent” her employer’s case!

We can see just how selective the Yellowtard-led Opposition are in the position they take on important issues. This is the reason they are losing the trust of the Filipino people.

The fact is, Congress have a mind of their own, Malacanang has a mind of its own. The tension between the two is the whole point of this system of independent co-equal branches of government — to strike a healthy balance. This, it seems, is a concept Karen Davila consistently fails to get.

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