Grace Poe is not fit to head the Senate inquiry on ABS-CBN because she is in bed with them!

The mother of all conflicts-of-interest undermines the impending Senate inquiry on the renewal of the ABS-CBN franchide. Senator Grace Poe who will head the inquiry claims it is all “in aid of legislation”. It seems, however, that it is all in aid of her side hustle. Poe comes from a family of showbiz stars and […]

Is the Philippine movie industry capable of improving its products?

Sure there are good Filipino films that attract the attention of quirky art awards bodies every now and then. But why are the hits confined to low-brow downright crappy flicks that cast the likes of Vice Ganda, Vic Sotto, and Kris Aquino? The key lies in the Filipino audience. Filipinos don’t like to think. Therefore […]

What Filipinos are REALLY thinking about is that kiss between What’s-His-Name and Angel Aquino

It’s a Monday and, for us supposedly politically-aware folk on the Net, the start of another week tackling the issues of national consequence. We get out there issuing tweets and publishing Facebook posts to initiate debate and discussion around the important stuff that make and break nations (and win and lose elections). A noble undertaking, […]