US Senate resolution calling on its former colony to free Leila De Lima proves the Philippines is still a colony!


After kicking out the United States’ armed forces from its shores back in the 1990s to prove a point, the Yellowtards now disprove that point by rallying behind the words of some sort of “resolution” issued by the United States Senate.

Goes to show that colonial mentality — that renowned scourge of Philippine society — persists as a reminder of an evident failure to move on from the past.

Indeed, Philippine society is such a confused one. Luckily it has leaders who are able to put things in their proper perspective.

Philippine Senate President Vicente Sotto III has reminded American lawmakers that the country is no longer a colony of the United States.

“We are a sovereign nation. We have our own judicial processes,” Sotto said in a statement.

“Sovereign states have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide the violation of their own laws. We are not a colony anymore,” he said.

Disturbing implications indeed as Malacanang spokesman Salvador Panelo points out after a US Senate panel approved “an amendment to deny entry to any Philippine official involved in the 2-year detention of Sen. Leila de Lima”…

“It is an outright disrespect to our people’s clamor for law and order. It treats our country as an inferior state unqualified to run its own affairs,” he said.

This pretty much casts a pall over future celebrations of Philippine “independence”. The Philippines is certainly not as independent as some of its “thought leaders” think it is. Even more astounding, it is these very “thought leaders” who undermine their own ideas of sovereignty.

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