Rappler “curates” tweets to incite hatred for Senator Imee Marcos

Rappler has long been known for its sloppy and lazy journalism. They are the most consistent practitioners of “social media curation” as a means to harvest free content to populate their dishonest articles with. The most recent set of “curated tweets” published by Rappler is their report “‘Nakiki-angkas lang’: Imee Marcos’ presence at Angkas rally […]

Seeing Imelda Marcos in Malacanang makes Mr @JCpunongbayan’s blood “boil”

Chief Yellowtard “Economist” JC Punongbayan harbours strong personal emotions about former First Lady Imelda Marcos being in Malacanang… This footage of Imelda walking the halls of Malacañang makes my blood boil. 🤬 https://t.co/dMren8xVan — JC Punongbayan (@jcpunongbayan) June 25, 2019 Unfortunately for this little snowflake, Marcos’s kid Imee Marcos actually won an election. With her […]

Twitter user @pinoymommy in hot water after inciting violence against Imee Marcos!

A certain Twitter user @pinoymommy recently got herself into a heap of trouble after she took to Twitter to express a desire to inflict harm on Ilocos Governor Imee Marcos after spotting her dining at a restaurant. In a follow-up tweet, she remains unrepentant and asserts an adamamt position on her own sense of righteousness… […]