The Philippine Opposition need move up from mere GIF and meme “activism”

“GIF” stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a format that allows images to be animated within a single data file. Back in the early days of the Net, they were used to adorn websites with the characteristic bells and whistles of the day and even used for banner ads. As bandwidth and memory became less of an issue, they are now able to be used to store low-definition short videos.

We’ve been using GIFs as early as 2000 when GRP first came into being. One of these is this famous classic…

It was hand-built using Power Point and image freeware apps. Pretty good, right?

If the Yellowtards think they are being clever using memes and GIFs to prop up their moronic “activism”, they should think again.

We used those things way back. But we used them together with rich long-form articles on the ideas we put forth. If the Opposition want to be taken seriously — and win elections — they should up their game and step up from their adolescent style. They should encourage intelligent debate rather than dumb things down to the level they seem to be comfy with nowadays.

Oh, and at least try to be original.

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