For Marian Rivera, being stuck in traffic is “Me Time”!

During a promotional appearance sponsored by retail chain Waltermart, media personality Marian Rivera issued what had become controversial comments about the traffic crisis gripping Metro Manila.

At minute 16:50 of this video, Rivera gives her two cents on the matter of what Manila’s chronic paralysing traffic congestion means to her.

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According to Ms Rivera, traffic has been a problem since time immemorial and should no longer be a source of constant stress. Rivera says being stuck in traffic can be one’s “me time” and provides ample opportunity to tinker with one’s phone or write stuff. She asserts that there’s lots of happenings that could keep one productively occupied while stuck in traffic.

The trouble with this attitude is that it trivialises it and does not contribute to solving the problem. For most Filipinos who don’t have the means Rivera has at her disposal, being stuck in traffic is nothing short of tragic. It is high time the problem be taken seriously.

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