Rather than pick on Celine Pialago, the Yellowtards should pick on someone their own size


Celine Pialago is small fry and easy pickin’. This is why the Yellowtards and the “woke” community that orbits them are picking on her — because she is easy to beat. In fact she is already beat. So the whole circus has become as boring as a basketball game between Gilas and a world-class team.

It is clear that Pialago cannot influence herself out of a paper bag. Yet Filipino wokedom are investing an inordinate amount of time and energy cyberbullying her. What does that say about the Opposition? Well, beyond their recent track record of non-winning important elections, it merely highlights how insane they are.

The modern-day philosopher Raquel Welch was said to have said…

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over whilst expecting different results.

While Pialago may be excused for her stupidity, the Opposition certainly cannot be excused for theirs. Counted amongst their brains trust are some of the most revered mainstream “thought leaders” of the land not to mention the wokest of the country’s chi chi private school set. Perhaps they are bullying Pialago to mask this confronting fact about their lot.

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