Leni Robredo is NOT a “quiet worker”. ABS-CBN reports a LIE!

A “report” published by ABS-CBN News recently claiming that “vice president” Leni Robredo is a “quiet worker” is a lie. The “news” article which indicates “ABS-CBN News” as its author quotes Robredo’s spokesperson Barry Gutierrez who was defending Robredo’s office amidst the PR fallout following a Pulse Asia report on Robredo’s dismal approval ratings. “Hindi […]


Latest Pulse Survey proves Yellowtard demonisation campaign against Duterte INEFFECTIVE

Once again, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte defied an ongoing demonisation campaign being mounted by the Philippine Opposition against him to emerge an even stronger incumbent to deal with. The latest Pulse Asia Survey showed Duterte’s approval rating at 87 percent, up nine points from the last published results. Duterte’s total urban approval rating jumped 16 […]

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Carlos Celdran (@CarlosCeldran) mocks GRP about popularity. Here are the FACTS about his “popularity”…

I tweeted earlier about people having a problem with us sharing GRP articles on social media. Then the fugitive Carlos Celdran butted into the convo and now accuses me of being “obsessed” with him and misconstruing what I said. For context, we share articles relevant to the issue or topic being discussed. Some of our […]

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It’s 2019. Time to stop being a HYPOCRITE!

The New Year 2019 holds a lot of promise — if Filipinos get rid of even just one frailty of character — hypocrisy. When Filipinos stop being hypocrites, then real work towards real goals can begin. Hypocrites are generally people who lack empathy. They believe that it is their birthright to be sole judges of […]