Taxpayer funds shouldn’t be spent on a UP course on “Martial Law”!

What is the whole point of a course on “Martial Law”? That “era” after all is just a quaint mention in most history subjects already taught at most universities worth their salt. Yet here we see a bunch of chi chi “academics” implementing a brainwave they have and expecting Filipino taxpayers to fork over the funds to sustain it…

The last thing UP students need is yet another Mickey Mouse course. Seriously, learning about “Martial Law” will not get you that hot shot job at Shell or Citibank.

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All this course will be is yet another channel through which the already bad communist infestation in university campuses will indoctrinate their next generation of party grunts and recruit the jungle fodder for their terrorist force, the New People’s Army.

Filipino taxpayers should put their foot down and REFUSE to have any more of this Martial Law Crybabyism being institutionalised into an already underfunded public sector.

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