The reason the “trans” community struggle is because they FORCE society to accept them

I read this rather pained article by a certain Jaya Jacobo published on Squeeze.Ph titled “Trans Politics after Gretchen Diez and Filipino Cisgenerity in a Time of Violence”. I describe it as “pained” because it comes across like the sad pleas of a spurned lover begging for the object of his affection to give him a “chance”.

The broader community of “hugot” sufferers would be quite familiar with the standard advise given to such poor sods — move on, live your life, and focus on those who accept you and appreciate you for who you are. Nobody is entitled to the acceptance much less the affections of those one pursues.

The kernel of the dysfunction in the thinking of “advocates” of trans “acceptance” is encapsulated in this passage from Jacobo’s piece…

I stood my ground and took my time. Another instance I opted to use the PWD restroom. And because it’s locked most of the time, I had to talk to the janitor, who looked at me from head to foot, only to ask about the disability that entitles me to the comfort of such room.

See, rather than take the advise of hugot counselors, he moves on and tries to force himself on other unappreciative communities — a second mistake he commits to come to terms with the first.

If today’s gender “activists” keep this up, they will continue to severely set back their cause and undo decades of progress their predecessors had supposedly achieved. The decline has already started thanks to the circus they kicked up around Gretchen Diez. But it is not too late to fix all that.

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