Communist “activists” are quick to condemn the Philippine Army and police but are SILENT on NPA terrorism!

Communist “activists” that infest the Philippines’ university campuses are a bunch of hypocrites. Going by downright misleading names like “Anakbayan” and “League of Filipino Students”, they try to convince everyone that Filipino soldiers and police officers are evil and crooked. They make it sound like a police patrol car entering the premises of a school is an outrage to be condemned to kingdom come.

The question is, if not the police and if not the Army, who should Filipinos rely on when their safety and security are threatened? The New People’s Army? It seems these communists are suggesting either that or Filipinos take up arms and take matters into their own hands!

See, the Communist Party of the Philippines contribute no skin in the game when it comes to protecting Philippine democracy. Their goal is to destroy it in a “people’s revolution” that aims to install a “dictatorship of the proletariat”. That’s not such a nice thing to be aspiring for, isn’t it?

When will commie activists say something about the murderous and anarchic ways of their terrorist arm, the New People’s Army? Don’t hold your breath. They are a dishonest bunch of people who will move heaven and earth to hide their true colours and continue their mission to LIE to Filipinos.

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