Liberal snowflakes have WEAPONISED lifestyle choice

The latest circus surrounding transgenders’ and cross-dressers’ “right” to use female restrooms has highlighted the unintended consequences of militant liberalism. It brought to the fore the consequences of personal lifestyle choices that impact the broader community.

This is ironic because liberals espouse respecting people’s personal choices. However, they lost the plot along the way when they turned that notion into a sacred cow. They forgot that the outcomes of one’s personal choices become intrusions when they impact the personal spaces of people who, not for any choice available to them, are engaged in more conventional lifestyles.

This is also unfair on people who have made unconventional lifestyle choices but opt not to define their identity by those choices. Many prefer to quietly adapt their lifestyles to the existing conventions of the mainstream. They then become victims of the more flamboyant, noisy, and whiny members of their communities who presume to speak for them.

We should therefore start being a bit more circumspect with “advocacies” turned into dogma by militant “activists”.

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