Sense of entitlement amongst gay “activists” ruining harmony amongst genders in Philippine society

A discussion on whether or not to allow transvestites to use the female public toilets is raging in the Philippines after a transvestite felt discriminated upon when she was banned from using the women’s toilet in a mall.

Those who are agreeing with the ban citing that perverts and men pretending to be trans can abuse the privilege to access women’s facilities and sexually assault women and girls are being labelled “bigots”.

Hang on a minute…Filipinos are very tolerant of gays and lesbians. I never witnessed discrimination against cross dressers and transvestites when I was growing up. It’s always been very much accepted in Philippine society. But now some people are calling those oppose to sharing public toilets “bigot”.

When I say tolerant, I am comparing Philippine society to other counties like Russia and even in Australia where, just a couple of decades ago, some gays were beaten up and thrown off cliffs. I never heard of anything like that in the Philippines. Some are ridiculed but their lifestyle is tolerated.

What we are seeing now, however, is a disturbing trend where the beliefs of a small community of “activists” are pushed in on others and a growing sense of entitlement that is already infringing on other people’s right and safety. An example of this is the push to allow other genders to use the women’s public toilet. This only serves to highlight things in a negative way

It may be a gay issue, but it’s patriarchal conceit once again, expecting women to be the ones to adjust without throwing a fuss

I personally did not mind sharing until I was TOLD to share and grin and bear it.

It’s as if they don’t need to ask others if it is ok to use what’s always been designated for “women”. Ironic, right? A camp to which so-called “feminists” belong telling women to stand aside. They just push for what they want because they think they are entitled to it. There is something wrong with this mentality. Where does it end? Do we always have to adjust?

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