Activists are ABUSING Filipinos’ tolerance for people who differ to the norm

Activists preaching “tolerance” seem to be such experts on how people ought to feel. They contradict themselves when they dismiss the feelings of ordinary people whose space is being encroached upon by those whose feelings they selectively defend. They say certain “rights” are being violated when certain people feel they are not being “accepted”.

You “activists” should reflect first on just how inconsistent your advocacies are.

You talk so much about your rights, but what about the rights of women and girls to feel safe and secure while in a vulnerable state, half-naked doing their private business in a public toilet? I guess you didn’t think about that.

Who are you to tell others there is nothing to be afraid of? We don’t know everyone we encounter in public. How do I know what’s going on in everyone’s heads?

Some Like It Hot, Tootsie and Mrs Doubtfire. These are just a few Hollywood movies showing how straight men can dress up and pretend to be women and still have desires for women. It can happen in real life. Male predators can dress up as women and use the women’s public toilets.

How come people with acrophobia, claustrophobia and other phobias are generally understood but people with fear of being sexually assaulted by perverts in public toilets are being labelled “bigots”? Fear is normal. It is our way of protecting ourselves from potential threats.

Don’t presume to be the judge of what feelings are right or wrong. Everyone has a right to harbor feelings about any situation they find themselves in. We don’t have to like one another. We only owe one another respect, and that is only if everyone agrees that respect is earned when we all acknowledge everyone’s equal responsibilty to uphold community standards in shared spaces.

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