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We should SUPPORT Mayor Isko Moreno’s removal of Manila’s illegal street vendors

Some people are incapable of looking at the bigger picture. A simple act of enforcing the law can benefit the majority in Philippine society. As usual, “pro-poor” bleeding hearts like Inquirer columnist Gideon Lasco are up in arms over new Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s drive to rid his city’s streets of illegal occupants…

To the middle and upper class they may be eyesores, but many of our urban poor resort to informal jobs like street vending because they have little choice.

To “clean them up” without providing alternatives is to deprive them of their right to the city.

See, the vendors shouldn’t have been allowed to sell their wares illegally to begin with. Their business is at the expense of many. It is WRONG.

It is not the government’s job to find work for individuals. The govt can generate jobs by inviting investors to set up businesses and stimulate the manufacturing industry in the country to give people job opportunities, but it is up to each person to take the initiative to seek and act on opportunities.

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For decades, illegal street vendors have clogged up Manila’s streets and sidewalks.

Those bleeding hearts who spew out emo sentiments like Lasco are the reason the Philippines cannot progress. They cry for jeepney drivers, squatters and illegal vendors who cause pollution, steal from hard workers and wreak havoc in public. They keep the country backward. No hope at all.

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