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Ultimate anti-“woke”: ROTC and other forms of civilian military training will toughen up Filipinos

As it is, Filipinos severely lack a martial tradition. We’re not talking here about Martial Law, of course. But, just the same, like its namesake, civilian military training and the culture it creates strikes fear in the hearts of liberals, communists, and the “woke” of today’s youth.

Indeed, how much military power the Philippines projects beyond its borders (or, for that matter, even within it) mirrors the character of its society — one impotent and inutile in any semblance of effort to take care of its own lot’s interests.

Instead of a strong military tradition, today’s “activists” espouse a “woke” culture that nurtures perverse senses of entitlement to stuff and regards those who are unable access said “entitlements” as society’s “victims”.

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In contrast, a strong military tradition that is ingrained early in youth instills an ethic of discipline and motivation to work for — even fight for — what one aspires for. Products of military training are more likely to possess the strength of character to delay gratification and be goal-oriented. It also fosters an appreciation of organisational dynamics and systematic collaboration to achieve shared objectives.

With every opportunity that passes to instill these character-building experiences on the youth yet another generation of guileless (a.k.a. “woke”) Filipinos are dumped into society.

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