“Woke” Filipinos who oppose mandatory military training should be ashamed of themselves!

Even then Princess Elizabeth did her bit to contribute to the war effort. As a young woman, the future Queen of England was a qualified mechanic and driver of heavy vehicles.

Today’s “woke” “activists” for their part issue shrill cries of outrage over proposals to mobilise millions of young Filipinos to the service of the nation. They preach about sacrifice and even dying for their country but, unlike Elizabeth, fail to walk their talk when called into the very service they pontificate about.

What is even worse is that they make demonisation of the Filipino soldier and police officer a cornerstone of their flaccid “activism”.

Ultimate anti-“woke”: ROTC and other forms of civilian military training will toughen up Filipinos

As it is, Filipinos severely lack a martial tradition. We’re not talking here about Martial Law, of course. But, just the same, like its namesake, civilian military training and the culture it creates strikes fear in the hearts of liberals, communists, and the “woke” of today’s youth.

Indeed, how much military power the Philippines projects beyond its borders (or, for that matter, even within it) mirrors the character of its society — one impotent and inutile in any semblance of effort to take care of its own lot’s interests.

Instead of a strong military tradition, today’s “activists” espouse a “woke” culture that nurtures perverse senses of entitlement to stuff and regards those who are unable access said “entitlements” as society’s “victims”.

In contrast, a strong military tradition that is ingrained early in youth instills an ethic of discipline and motivation to work for — even fight for — what one aspires for. Products of military training are more likely to possess the strength of character to delay gratification and be goal-oriented. It also fosters an appreciation of organisational dynamics and systematic collaboration to achieve shared objectives.

With every opportunity that passes to instill these character-building experiences on the youth yet another generation of guileless (a.k.a. “woke”) Filipinos are dumped into society.

Trillanes not just “weaponised” something to threaten a CIVILIAN govt, he used a REAL weapon!

Yellowtards keep yammering about “weaponising” stuff. According to these whiners, “sinister forces” are out to “weaponise” the Internet. Lately they have latched on to a new notion… “weaponising” the law.

This they apply, in all ironies, to the voiding of the amnesty granted by former Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III to “senator” Antonio Trillanes.

This notion is ironic because Trillanes not only weaponise something to achieve a dastardly end, he used a real weapon to mount that effort. The Army, after all, is a state weapon. Trillanes, in his misguided adventurism back in the early- to mid-2000s used an actual weapon to threaten a sitting CIVILIAN government.

Trillanes, as such, deserves to be thrown in prison. His amnesty was ill-deserved and granted to him for the wrong reasons. This is a mistake that needs to be corrected.

Nothing wrong with Philippines procuring arms from Israel the way Singapore did in the 1960s

The way the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition issue their shrill “commentary” on the on-going visit of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to Israel, you’d think that their government is up to something “evil”. Some of this speculative commentary even revolves around the possibility that Duterte’s government is procuring arms from Israel because the US had “frozen arms sales” to the Philippines.

Even if that were true, it’s not like there is anything wrong with seeking alternative suppliers as the Singapore government under Lee Kuan Yew had done in the past when it built its armed forces in the 1960s in partnership with Israel “after India, Egypt and Britain declined” to assist.

In 1965 Israel sent a military delegation led by Col.Yaakov Elazari and later by Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, who years later would be the defense minister. The Israeli advisers advised Singapore to form an army based on the IDF’s experience, tactics and doctrines.

To conceal the presence of their nationality the Israeli advisers were locally referred to as the “Mexicans.”

After forming the armed forces, Israel began supplying Singapore with weapons of all sorts and, according to foreign reports, it continues to do so today. According to these reports, the arms deals have included patrol and missile boats, upgrading of fighter planes, intelligence equipment, missiles and control and command centers.

Secrecy when it comes to military procurement and supply is also normal as can be observed in the sort of relationship the Singaporean and Israeli governments conduct transactions under this relationship…

Since the Defense Ministry doesn’t name the countries that purchase weapons from Israel, it is unknown what the export volume to Singapore was. But if all the deals, as reported in the foreign media, are added up, it is possible to conclude that Israel has sold Singapore over the years weapons worth billions of dollars.

The Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards are, quite simply, lacking in sufficient substance to comment on the deeper implications of Duterte’s visit to Israel. They cover this up by appealing to emotionally-charged non-sequiturs.