Top “fact checker” Ellen Tordesillas slack on fact check standards when sharing anti-Duterte videos!

When it comes to sharing the “Bikoy” videos that supposedly expose a “narco-list” that implicates in the Philippines’ drug trade members of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s family, Vera Files head and “fact checker” extraordinaire Ellen Tordesillas pulls no punches.

Tordesillas reports on her blog that the videos “look professionally done” and were “uploaded on You Tube and Facebook [under the] account of ‘Metro Balita’, which lists itself as ‘media/news company’.”

All this is, of course, just Tordesillas’s personal opinion to suggest something about the factualness of the content of the videos and the authenticity of its sources.

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It is thus hypocritical that the Philippines’ Queen of “Fact Checking” would encourage people to consume and spread content on social media on the weak back of her opinion and personal judgement and not much else.

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