Leni Robredo insults Filipino soldiers by lauding “brave” Filipino celebrities “fighting” for Filipinos

Yellows are desperately clinging on to any celebrity who criticises the current admin because a lot of the yellow celebrities like Jim Paredes and Kris Aquino who criticised Duterte in the past have been discredited and have lost their clout. Any celebrity will do even if irrational.

The damage being wrought by the Yellows on Philippine society continues because they still encourage Filipinos to seek wisdom from showbiz personalities — a habit that has resulted in a profound intellectual bankruptcy that now grips Philippine society. A recent tweet by “Asia’s Songbird” Regine Velasquez, for example, is now being put up as a rallying point to mobilise support for the flagging hopes for a victory in this year’s elections of the Opposition coalition Otso Diretso.

Indeed, quick to chime in on the celebrity “thought leadership” craze now rippling across Yellowtardom is no less than “vice president” Leni Robredo herself who reportedly “lauded entertainers for speaking up on national issues, such as the territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).”

“I’m inspired that there are celebrities who have the courage,” Robredo said in Filipino. “It’s not easy for those who find the courage to speak up because they’re vulnerable to attack. These people are brave for saying what’s on their mind.”

Not only does Robredo contribute to the dumbing down of an entire society by anointing showbiz personalities as its foremost gurus, she sets an astonishingly low bar with regard to notions of what constitutes being “brave”.

Small surprise that Filipinos continue to middle along in mediocrity. Blame their celebrities and “thought leaders” like Robredo for propagating such ululations.

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