#DefendPressFreedom “activists” shriek “stop the attacks”. But no such “attacks” exist!


Dressed in black, not in their traditional yellow for some reason, the usual faces representing the usual “activism” is fired up once again. But, really, what are they on fire about?

That’s the million-peso question.

The sheer volume and shrillness of the noise surrounding what is essentially the vacuous notion of some sort of “attack on press freedom” these skills are kicking up all just simply highlights that they lack a direct response to the charges Rappler CEO Maria Ressa faces.

The reality is that this is all just amounts to a storm in a teacup. This is evident in the small set of familiar faces consistently seen in these “rallies”. Thus, the question these shills need to consider is how big a swathe of Philippine society their message resonates with.

Indeed, Maria Ressa herself is not above crying bloody libel when she’s on the business end of an “attack” involving writer Katrina Stuart-Santiago back in 2012…

The conflict seems to revolve around elder “journalist” Ressa taking issue with the way Stuart-Santiago posted the article, which contains some opinions which implied some allegations about the blanket motives of some of the people involved in the circus and the broader agenda of Rappler.com.

Ultimately there is an election to be won and the Opposition are missing the mark focusing on drivelous “activism” such as this.

[Photo source: Twitter]

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