Why cleaning Manila Bay is important to ALL Filipinos

Manila is not just a city. It is the seat of the Philippine government, and the cultural and financial capital of the country. If Filipinos are to take pride in being Filipino, they necessarily need to be able to take pride in their country’s premiere city.

The Philippine Opposition, unfortunately, are, as usual, going for the lowest common denominator in the “debate” surrounding the latest and more ambitious of initiatives conceived by the government of President Rodrigo Duterte. Many decry it as being “audacious”. But then of course it is audacious. Is anything not audacious really even worth pursuing to begin with?

The cleanup of Manila Bay, an eyesore for decades, is one only a popular president like Duterte who enjoys vast political capital could pull off. Why not now then?

Perhaps it is best that the Opposition stand back for now and just simply watch if they are not up to the challenge of contributing. Indeed, that could actually be a pretty wily strategy for a vile bunch of people such as today’s Yellowtard-led Opposition. They can quietly sharpen their knives so they are ready to go for the jugular if this worthwhile initiative fails. In that sense, the Opposition’s best strategy is to bet on the failure of the Manila Bay cleanup. That comes easy for a group that is anything but a class act.

[Photo courtesy ABS-CBN.]

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