CBCP “apology” for “silence” amid “attacks” NOT ACCEPTABLE


In their “apology” reported by ABS-CBN News, the Cartholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) “insisted that freedom of expression does not include a license to insult other people’s faith,” and that…

“We know that this cuts deeply into the souls of our people—especially the poor, because faith is the only thing they have to hold on to. It gives them hope and strength to continue living and working despite all the odds that come their way,” the prelates said.

However, it seems these men-in-robes apply a loose definition of “insult”. Insults are generally unfair generalisations on one’s person meant to derail dialogue and arrive at the truth. But in the very same ABS-CBN News report, it is quite evident that words issued to the CBCP presumably by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte were not meant to insult…

From criticisms of the Church’s call for donations and alms to accusations of sexual abuse, the president has not shied away from issuing sharp words, including a call to “kill” some bishops.

It seems none of what Duterte asserts about the Philippines’ Catholic bishops and the clergy under their charge can simply be dismissed. The CBCP need to scrape off the useless layer of appeal-to-emotion such as what they use to coat this latest “apology” and address these assertions point-by-point categorically.

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